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Session: AM Concurrent Session I: Basic science of the pancreas (Pancreas 2)

  • 10:30 AM - AP Naren:
    Patient derived Pancreas-on-a-chip to model Cystic Fibrosis related Diabetes
  • 10:55 AM - Yue Wei:
    Exploiting global metabolomic and lipidomic plasma profiling to identify biomarkers that will predict the risk of developing the complication of pancreatitis with the anti-leukemic drug asparaginase
  • 11:07 AM - Aliye Uc:
    A mechanistic approach to pancreatic diseases in children
  • 11:32 AM - Sohail Husain:
    The drug complication of pancreatic injury with asparaginase is related to pancreatic levels of the endogenous counteracting enzyme asparagine synthetase and intra-pancreatic nutrient stress

Session: AM Concurrent Session III: Innovations in Viral Hepatitis (Hepatology 1)