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Session: STS - Session I - Diagnostic Challenges in Pediatric Liver Disease (Diagnostic Challenges in Pediatric Liver Disease)

Session: STS - Session II - Frontiers in Liver Therapeutics (Frontiers in Liver Therapeutics)

Session: STS - Lunch Session

Session: STS - Session III - Update on Portal HTN: Assessment and Management (Update on Portal HTN: Assessment and Management)

Session: STS - Session IV - Liver Transplant: Pre- and Post-Transplant Considerations (Liver Transplant: Pre- and Post-Transplant Considerations)

Session: PG - Module 1 - Endoscopy (Endoscopy)

Session: PG - Module 2 - Potpourri (Potpourri)

Session: PG - Module 3 - Functional/motility (Functional/motility)

Session: PG - Module 4 - Liver/Pancreas (Liver/Pancreas)

Session: PG - Module 5 - Intestinal Inflammation (Intestinal Inflammation)

Session: AM - Plenary Session (Keynote Lecture)

Session: AM Concurrent Session I: Surgery in IBD (3 “P’s” in a Pod) (IBD 1)

Session: AM Concurrent Session II: Hot Topics 2: Novel approaches and challenges in Gastroenterology (Hot Topics 2)

Session: AM Concurrent Session III: Hot topics in Gastroenterology (Hot Topics)

Session: AM Concurrent Session IV: Treating the entire IBD Patient (IBD 3)

Session: AM Concurrent Session V: Upper GI Interventions (Endoscopy 1)

  • 02:00 PM - Leonel Rodriguez:
    Endoscopic interventions for upper gastrointestinal motility and functional disorders
  • 02:25 PM - Jessica Lacy Yasuda:
    Comparison of current detection modalities for recurrent tracheoesophageal fistulae with a novel method: Rise in end tidal carbon dioxide during esophagoscopy with carbon dioxide insufflation
  • 02:37 PM - Mike Manfredi:
    Advances in esophagitis: endoscopic and surgical
  • 03:02 PM - Catherine Walsh:
    Developing an international consensus on quality standards and indicators for pediatric ileocolonoscopy: A report from the pediatric endoscopy quality improvement network (PENQUIN)

Session: AM Concurrent Session VI: Challenges in IBD (IBD 2)

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