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Session: Satellite Symposium - Why Do We Need Dietary Therapy in Crohn's Disease in an Era of Biologics?

Session: AM Concurrent Session I: Liver Transplant (Hepatology 3)

  • 10:30 AM - Elizabeth Rand:
    Care of liver transplant recipients for the Gastroenterologist
  • 10:55 AM - Sharad Indur Wadhwani:
    The association between neighborhood socioeconomic measures and a novel biomarker of nonadherence: results from a multi-center cohort
  • 11:07 AM - Evelyn Hsu:
    Choosing a liver transplant center: Aspects to consider
  • 11:32 AM - Rene Romero:
    Liver disease assessment and post-transplant liver disease evolution in isolated heart transplantation for fontan failure as determined by clinical scoring, MRI and liver biopsy

Session: AM Concurrent Session II: Endoscopy top to bottom (Endoscopy 2)


  • 06:00 PM - For Session:
  • - Lissa De la Vega:
  • 06:05 PM - Norberto Rodríguez Baez:
    ¡Celebrando 10 Años! - Historia de LASPGHAN en NASPGHAN
  • 06:25 PM - Richard Noel:
    Trastornos de Alimentación en Niños: Consenso de Definición y Marco de Referencia Conceptual
  • 07:05 PM - Yunuen Rivera Suazo:
    Factors Associated with prolongd length of stay
  • 07:20 PM - Leonel Rodriguez:
    Gastroparesis: La Importancia de Establecer el Diagnóstico Correcto y sus Implicaciones en el Tratamiento
  • 07:20 PM - Miguel Saps:
    Gastroparesis: Es lo Mismo que Dispepsia Funcional y no Cambia el Manejo

Session: Video Abstracts

  • 08:30 AM - Russell Zwiener:
    Application of unique stenting technique for drainage of walled off pancreatic necrosis with cyst - cystostomy
  • 08:38 AM - Russell Zwiener:
    Severe necrotizing pancreatitis secondary to hypertriglyceridemia managed with plasmapheresis and lumen apposing metal stent
  • 08:46 AM - Jacob Mark :
    Utility of endoscopic ultrasound in pediatric pancreatic neoplasms: Representative cases
  • 08:54 AM - Amornluck Krasaelap:
    Laparotomy and intraoperative enteroscopy in a teen with a severe gastrointestimal bleeding
  • 09:02 AM - David Vitale:
    Endoscopic mucosal resection in children
  • 09:10 AM - Abdul Shahein:
    Using combined antegrade-retrograde rendevous technique to dilate near complete distal esophageal stenosis
  • 09:18 AM - Kenneth Ng:
    Use of endoflip in a pediatric patient with dysphagia
  • 09:26 AM - Karen Queliza:
    Role of therapeutic ercp in management of pancreatobiliary anomalies
  • 09:34 AM - Karen Queliza:
    Rendezvous technique (ERCP and PTC) in pediatric patients
  • 09:42 AM - :
    Advanced endoscopic therapy for refractory esophageal ear gauge foreign body strictures
  • 09:42 AM - Robert Kramer:
    Advanced endoscopic therapy for refractory esophageal ear gauge foreign body strictures
  • 09:50 AM - Karlo Kovacic:
    Endoscopic re-peg technique for buried bumper syndrome

Session: AM Concurrent Session IV: Global Innovation, Local Application (Global Health)